It will be in the poll, but not at first! The horror story is the third part of Brothers Found, so before that appears in the poll we’ll need the other two parts to post!

And we agree! Smol Jacob is so cute you just want to eat him right up!

Glancing up at Dean, Sam gave the hunter a thumbs up, letting him know they were ready. He was thankful that he was being patient while they got settled on his palm. Jacob, no doubt thanks to his usually very chill demeanor, was managing to hold onto his sanity for now, but there was a lot being thrown at him. Sam didn’t envy what he was going through at all. Hell, Jacob was barely the length of Sam’s arm.

Once he saw the signal, Dean nodded cautiously. His fingers curled up around them as he lifted himself off the ground and went back to his knees. Sam swayed a little in place, making Dean realize he was shakier than normal. Slow and steady, he cautioned himself. He couldn’t even feel Jacob’s weight in his hand, so he needed to do this right. There was a huge amount of trust invested in him by the people on his hand.

Once he was upright, Dean held the hand near his face, finally able to see Jacob clearly. “Hey kid,” he whispered. “How you feeling?”

Jacob’s eyes were a wide as he stared back. He could see every freckle on Dean’s face, every minor shift of his irises as green eyes the size of Jacob dilated to focus on him. Jacob thought that he could be looking at a face projected on the Times Square coke sign and it would be about this big.

It was a discouraging thought that he needed to be this close for Dean to be able to see him clearly. There was no way for him to be sure exactly how big he was; he was certain the others had a guess as to his current measurement, but he wasn’t going to be asking that anytime soon. It had to be tiny if the simple action of Dean whispering sent a considerable breeze over his body.

“Uh, well,” Jacob started, offering another nervous chuckle as he glanced around from his high perch. It was kind of funny that Sam had told him to hang on … there wasn’t much to hang onto on the huge, living platform.
“I’m feeling like this is all kinda weird, and like maybe the bones in my legs went on vacation. But other than that I’m actually fine, mostly just being a pansy ass because fuck.

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