Well, for personal preference I don’t normally do that size variation. Of course, it might come up in the future, since there’s no way to know where inspiration will take us. And of course, in the horror story, Jacob is going to be about that scale compared to Sam and Bowman, making them his mini-giants.

From 6′5″ to Sam’s teddy!

He brushed against Sam’s arm when he was shifting in place under the green canopy. With a mumble, Sam rolled a little closer, his arm landing over Jacob’s small body. Jacob flinched in surprise from the sudden appearance of an arm longer than his body. It was only a moment before Sam shifted again, pulling the small hunter closer by instinct as soon as the shivers that wracked his body were noticed even in the depths of sleep.

Sam buried his head next to Jacob under the blankets, effectively pinning him to his chest the way one would a teddy bear at night. His grip was gentle, keeping away from the injuries that the tiny hunter was nursing. Sam gave a brief mumble of contentment before he fully drifted into sleep again.

Jacob’s surprised squirming was practically nonexistent thanks to exhaustion. If he were at his full strength, Jacob may have been able to squirm away. As it was, warmth that was all too hard to retain at his size was a welcome feeling. He settled with a weary sigh, knowing this was a battle he simply didn’t have the energy to fight. Sam’s heartbeat thumped steadily right behind his head, with him nestled right next to the hunter’s chest. It was a backdrop to him drifting off again, slipping back into a deep sleep.


Artwork commissioned from @mogadeer

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