I’ve got a few other blogs I follow, both Supernatural and gt or both! I don’t think any of them are exactly like mine, but they are enjoyable. (If I could draw my blog might be different, lol)

For blogs where you can find both Supernatural and gt, I recommend @ask-tinycas and @ask-tinysam. Both have some wonderful artwork on their sites, if you look back in time. Due to real life obligations, they tend to be slower blogs, but I know whenever I see a post from either, I get excited! (the tiny Cas blog is Destiel oriented, for any non-shippers, but it is absolutely adorable, so don’t let that put you off from some great artwork and storytelling)

For just gt, check out @borrowedtimeandspace! There’s a good deal of fun Doctor Who gt going on over there. @neonthewrite is another fun gt-oriented blog, and you’ll find prompts that feature characters you’ll recognize from my stories – namely, Jacob, Bowman, Oscar and the gang! And you can send in prompts of your own. Another similar blog, @alittleblogoftrust is also great for gt fun from one of our wonderful editors @creatorofuniverses, along with @neonthebright herself!

For just Supernatural, I highly recommend @asksamstuff. The blog has a ton of great story and artwork on it, and the girl that runs it did the amazing picture of Ilyana and Sam for me!

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