Ahaha. Well that all depends on if BL Dean has his baby or not. Jacob’s Mercury is nice, but it just isn’t the same as the Impala. Sam will suffer through an old rock binge either way. But with the Deans…

BA Dean is probably going to chase Jacob off since he’s like 6′5″ and who the hell does this kid think he is. Meanwhile BL Dean is all puffed up and offended that anyone is ordering his Jacob around, doesn’t Dean know they’re working on training him? Jacob’s in the corner watching BA Dean curiously poke the tiny version of himself, wondering about how tiny he is, while Jacob’s shaking his head going “I wouldn’t do that if I were you…”

“OW! Sonovabitch…”

And everyone just stopping when they find out that tiny Dean decided to take matters into his own hands to dissuade the pokes just like he did when Jacob caught him and now Jacob has to separate those two or at least get his tiny Dean off the table…

Cue tiny Dean bitching at big Dean from a shoulder and that’s where they get to “My human’s bigger than your human…” and suddenly tiny Dean is a lot like a squirrel. He’d even throw stuff from there if he could to get his point across.

Sams are just sitting back and watching the show, and if anyone mixes up their Sam, they’ll let them know. There are differences between the two that Jacob will probably pick up on. Sam in BL doesn’t have his human older brother to help him out with figuring out humans, so he’s a lot more shy. Dean might not notice this as fast since he’s offended that the little version of him just used a knife on his finger. How dare XD

Eventually they’ll all settle down and yep. Pie. Tiny Dean would be jealous big Dean can eat an entire pie in one sitting. At least they can agree on liking pie.

What everyone should really worry about is if the Deans decide to start working together….

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