August 7th excerpt:

Dean raised up his arm, holding himself at the ready. “Scar, move,” he snapped out a command, used to being in charge. “That’s my brother out there, and he needs my help!” All he could see in his mind’s eye was Sam, covered in blood. Sam, crushed in a fist.

Dean, too far away to help.

Scar’s dark green eyes flickered to the hand that lifted up a sharp knife ready to slice into its enemy. Whatever intimidation he might have felt didn’t make it to his face. He flew a little closer, resolutely staying in Dean’s way. Even knowing Dean could swipe him out of the air at any given second, Scar held his stance.

“Your brother is alive, and Bowman is alive,” Scar hissed back.

He hated having his back turned on the enemy, but right now his biggest asset was also his biggest problem. “If you want to keep them that way then you will listen to me, human.”

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