We can’t say toooo much without giving it all away, but it actually isn’t a big Sam! That is our beloved four inch tall Sammy, and his extra downsized Jacob! Or, as Dean calls him, half-pint.

Dean, you are always such a shit with the nicknames.

This will all take place in one of the future stories of the AU’s. Which AU won’t be disclosed until right before the story posts.

This attempt to find himself space to breathe and think was interrupted when a pair of hands appeared under his arms and his shocked staring contest with Dean shattered.

Bowman hoisted Jacob up under the arms the way one might hold a child, lifting him to eye level. Jacob squirmed a little and kicked his small legs, but Bowman ignored that to look him over. For what, he wasn’t sure. Some kind of trace of what happened? Perhaps something that’d help them fix him. But, just the fact that Bowman would actually lift Jacob was perplexing.

He looked over at Sam, and then up at Dean, still holding the extra miniaturized human up and hoisting him in the air for all to see. He didn’t notice the tiny hands clutching desperately at his sleeves or the more intense kicking in those tiny legs as Jacob’s eyes widened in shock. “Well now what?!”

Sam practically sputtered at Bowman’s movements. “Bowman! Put him down!”


Freakin Out commissioned from @mogadeer

Bowman: -internal screaming-

Give mogadeer some love for all the amazing art she’s done for these AU’s!

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