March 25th excerpt: 

Bowman looked over at Sam and pointed at the flesh-colored material stuck to Jacob’s hand. “What is that thing he’s got? I’ve never seen bandaging like that.”

“It’s a band-aid,” Sam explained patiently. He was used to Bowman’s curious questions. The sprite wanted to know everything he could, and the humans were a tempting store of knowledge. “It seals to his skin, see? That way, the cut won’t get infected. Remember we talked about human medicine? Humans don’t have healers like the sprites do. We gotta make do with what we can.”

After a split second of hesitation, Bowman opened up his wings and flapped them once to get into the air. Jacob froze as the little guy glided right over to his hand, hovering near it for a closer look at the band-aid. He even reached out to brush across the strange, almost alien material.

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